Photograph shows a blonde woman in a black sweater, seen mostly from behind, turned towards an anatomical painting of a human torso on a museum wall.
Two views of a torso.

I’m an art librarian by trade, with a background in illustration and sequential art. My research and professional activities broadly orbit the book and arts of the book — illustration, artists’ books, and comics — but I’m more recently pushing down a path of investigation of how these works are preserved, organized, and framed by their institutions. (To put it another way: how do libraries and archives acquire and treat these works, and how are they contextualized by this setting? How are web archives of comics materials connected to larger collections?)

I’m currently a graduate student in the Art History MA program at George Mason University, where I also serve as the librarian for Art and Art History. I earned an MSI in Preservation and Information Science at the University of Michigan in 2011, and hold a BFA in Illustration from the School of Visual Art. I’ve previously done some work as an illustrator, but mostly just draw holiday cards featuring my cats now.

Resume // Curriculum Vitae